iv Eleanora FD184

Information courtesy of Paul Evans


Net Tonnage: 12.05
Length: 34′ 2″
Breadth: 11 ft
Depth: 5′ 5″


1910: Built by John Crossfield & Co., at Conwy as ELEANORA for Evan Harris of 57 Sand Street, Pwllheli.
1910: Completed.
10/10/1910: Registered by owner at Carnarvon (CO70).
17/10/1926: Sold to Rebecca Clark of the Fish Stores, Pwllheli.
17/12/1926: Reported as having an auxiliary motor fitted.
13/10/1931: Sold to John Walkin Owen of 43 Lleyn Street, Pwllheli.
11/08/1941: Registered at Fleetwood (FD184) by new owner William Henry Sawyers of 24 Lower Lune Street, Fleetwood.
29/07/1942: Purchased by Ernest Salthouse of 59 North Church Street, Fleetwood and skippered by James Grundy.
07/03/1944: Sold to William Stevenson of 231 Clifton Street, St Anne’s and skippered by Fred Price and John Richard Wright.
25/07/1944: Sold to Odafoam Limited of Liverpool and skippered by Cyril Sessions.
09/08/1946: Sold to William Stanley Clare and Sidney Vernon Brice of 1 Daisy Bank, Victoria Road, Cleveleys.
25/04/1947: Owned by Vernon Brice of 1 Daisy Bank, Victoria Road, Cleveleys.
13/10/1949: Owned by Charles Bellamy Bird of 6 Maple Avenue, Fleetwood.
12/04/1950: Sold to Arthur ‘Arty’ Swales of Fleetwood.
12/06/1969: Recorded as jointly owned by Arthur ‘Arty’ Swales and Kenneth Falkner of Fleetwood when Fishing registration was cancelled.
21/11/1972: Registered at Fleetwood (FD184) by owner Arthur Swales.
20/05/1985: Sold to Piers Martin of 40 West Road, Lancaster.
01/04/1989: Fishing registration cancelled and sold to become a yacht owned by Tom Dalton racing in the annual nobby races at Liverpool and Conwy.

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i.v. Eleanora FD184

i.v. Eleanora FD184
Picture courtesy of The Ted Hammill Collection

iv Eleanora FD184

iv Eleanora FD184
Picture courtesy of The Paul Evans Collection

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