M.T. Brenda Wilson – LT80


Official Number: 184001
Yard Number: 245
Completed: 1954
Gross Tonnage: 181
Net Tonnage: 65
Length: 104 ft
Breadth: 22.1 ft
Depth: 10.9 ft
Built: J. Lewis & Sons, Aberdeen
Engine: 350hp, 6-cyl type HRN6 oil engine by Crossley Brothers Ltd, Openshaw, Manchester


1954: Launched by John Lewis & Sons Ltd, Aberdeen (Yd.No.245) for Talisman Trawlers Ltd, West Hartlepool as GRANBY QUEEN.
14.10.1954: Sea trials.
19.10.1954: Completed. Registered at Lowestoft (LT80). Arthur W. Suddaby, Gorleston appointed manager.
1967: Sold to James Wilson, Fleetwood along with motor trawler FAIRY COVE (HL10). Hazael Fishing Co Ltd operators/managers. Registered at Lowestoft as BRENDA WILSON (LT80).
09.09.1970: Sold to Hubert Jones (Trawlers) Ltd, Milford Haven & Swansea.
11.10.1970: Arrived Milford from Fleetwood. Frank Squires, Milford appointed manager.
1974: Laid up at Milford along with other trawlers to bring pressure on the Union for the crews to accept a pay cut the owners also seeking short term Government subsidy to cover increased costs.
05.04.1974: Sailed for fishing grounds (Sk. Vaughan) under existing pay structure.
04.1976: Laid up at Milford due to increased running costs particularly bunker oil.
02.1977: Re-activated.
23.02.1955: Fishing Cardigan Bay grounds (Sk Rees Evans). Cook/deckhand Roy J. Thomas collapsed and died. Put into Fishguard to land the body.
10.04.1978: Company in liquidation.
02.06.1978: Sold at auction along with GEORGINA WILSON (HL10) and JADE STAR GYPSY (LT53) to Robert Wright, Milford Haven for the sum of £11,225. Registered owner Rawlings & Co Ltd, Milford Haven.
1987: Reported sold for breaking up.

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M.T. Granby Queen LT80

M.T. Granby Queen LT80
Picture courtesy of James Cullen

M.T. Brenda Wilson LT80

M.T. Brenda Wilson LT80
Picture courtesy of Frank Pook

M.T. Brenda Wilson LT80

M.T. Brenda Wilson LT80
Picture courtesy of Len Charnley

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