M.T. Boston Phantom – FD252

Additional information courtesy of David Slinger and Nico Bacon (Viking Fishing, Cape Town)


Official Number: 303800
Yard Number: 996
Completed: 1965
Gross Tonnage: 431
Length: 140 ft
Breadth: 29′ 4″
Depth: 15′ 6″
Built: Beverley 1965 by C.D Holmes & Co Ltd
Owner: Boston Deep Sea Fisheries


1965: In ownership of Boston Deep Sea Fisheries Ltd.
1966: Fleetwood’s highest grossing vessel.
1967: Fleetwood’s highest grossing vessel. £107,425 Skipper Bill Rawcliffe.
02.1968: Carried out experiments by the Palmer Aero Products company using de-icing equipment, that reduced the likelihood of capsizing. Despite its modest cost of £2,000, Palmers received no orders.
1970: Fleetwood’s 2nd highest grossing vessel. £153,995 Skipper Bill Rawcliffe.
1971: First Fleetwood Trawler to fitted with a gutting machine.
1972: Fleetwood’s highest grossing vessel. £161,874 Skipper Bill Rawcliffe.
12.1972: Transferred to Grimsby.
10.1973: Set a new port record for a 140 feet vessel. Landed 2,258 kits. Grossed £34,339 Skipper Derek Brown. 22 Days Iceland.
1974: Grimsby’s highest grossing vessel in the 140 feet class, £292,970.
7.12.1978: Arrived at Lowestoft to be converted to an Oil Rig Stand by Safety Vessel.
01.1979: Work Completed. Fleetwood fishing registry closed. Transferred to Grimsby Near Water Trawlers Ltd, Grimsby.
1982: Chartered by Colne Shipping of Lowestoft.
1984: Sold to Colne Group (Claridge Trawlers Ltd.) for oil rig support work.
04.1985: Renamed COLNE PHANTOM.
1987: Registration transferred to Claridge Trawlers Ltd, a subsidiary of Colne.
1991: Laid up.
01.1992: Sold for scrapping to Caravel Maritime Ltd, Rainham, Kent for breaking up
6.1.1992: Sailed from Lowestoft bound for Rainham, Kent on the River Thames for scrapping for breaking at Bloor’s Wharf.
1992: Sold to Caroline Paternity (Pty) Limited, Cape Town, South Africa.
4.4.1992: Arrived Lowestoft in tow of ANGLIAN WARRIOR and subsequently slipped for repairs and a survey.
2.5.1992: Sailed from Lowestoft as COLNE PHANTOM. Registered at Kingstown bound for South Africa.
1992: In ownership of Caroline Pty Ltd.
In 1992: she was Converted to a stern trawler and returned to fishing.
1995: in ownership of Viking Fishing Co Pty Ltd.
1996: Prawn fishing in Mozambique.
14.9.2000: Vessel has been refitted at the cost of 1,000,000 Rand.
26.3.2009: The BOSTON PHANTOM now “COLNE PHANTOM” was Last seen in Cape Town fish dock laid up.
2009: Broken up.

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M.T. Boston Phantom FD252

M.T. Boston Phantom FD252
Picture courtesy of Len Charnley

M.T. Boston Phantom FD252

M.T. Boston Phantom FD252

S.S.V. Boston Phantom

S.S.V. Boston Phantom

O.R.S.V. Colne Phantom

S.S.V. Colne Phantom
Picture courtesy of The Ted Hammill Collection

ORSV Colne Phantom

ORSV Colne Phantom
Picture from the Internet

M.T. Phantom

M.T. Phantom
Picture courtesy of The David Slinger Collection

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