M.T. Boston Monarch – FD19


Official Number: 185301
Yard Number: 1403
Completed: 1955
Gross Tonnage: 466
Length: 139 ft
Breadth: 28′ 4″
Depth: 13′ 1″
Built: Cochrane & Sons Ltd, Selby, 1955
Engine: 960bhp 6-cyl British Polar
Speed: 12 knots


1955: Completed by Cochrane & Sons Ltd, Selby for St. Andrews Steam
Fishing Co Ltd, Hull, as BOSTON MONARCH.
16.08.1955: Registered at Fleetwood.
14.12.1965: Sold to Oceania S.p.A Trapani, Italy.
12.12.1965: Fleetwood registry closed. Registered at Trapani as OCEANIA ROSA.
1969: Sold to Achille Saltini Trapani.
1972: Sold to Mankoadze Fisheries Ltd, Ghana.
09.1972: Lloyds classification discontinued.
1974: Sold to Achille Saltini, Trapani.
07.08.2009: Noted by Lloyd’s register of shipping “continued existence in doubt”.

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M.T. Boston Monarch FD19

M.T. Boston Monarch FD19
Picture courtesy of Len Charnley

M.T. Boston Monarch FD19

M.T. Boston Monarch FD19

News Clipping

News Clipping
Picture courtesy of Geoff Davidson

M.T. Oceania Rosa

M.T. Oceania Rosa
Picture courtesy of Geoff Davidson

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