M.T. Boy Jamie – FD224

Additional information courtesy of Dick Massey


Official Number: A14902
Length: 15.25m
Breadth: 4.82m
Depth: 2.03m
Gross Tonnage: 31.36
Callsign: ZQUV
Engine: 214hp Baudouin
Built: Den Hem Zaandam (1st cutter shipyard Haak) 1954


1954: Built as as UK90 “GEERTJE” for F. Miller, Urk, built with a 100 HP Mercedes Benz.
1955: New 105 HP MWM engine fitted.
1964: Registered owner H. Miller Urk.
1965: Registered as “ELISABETH” (WON24) Gebr. Albert and Andries Koornstra Makkum.
1969: Registered as “LEENDERT” (SCH29) HM Snoeck Hague.
1970: Registered owner C. Th. Heyning Wassenaar.
1971: Registered as “BOY JAMIE” (FD224) Jimmy Hesketh Fleetwood.
1972: Registered as “BOY JAMIE” (BM224) Harry & Brian Trust BM and other New engine fitted, 214hp Baudouin.
1986: Registered owners Rogers & LF Beatty Brixham.
1994: Registered owner Norman Rogers Brixham.
1994: Scrapped.

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M.T. Boy Jamie FD224

M.T. Boy Jamie FD224

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