M.T. Eureka – BA558

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Additional information courtesy of Patrick Welvaert


Built: 1958
Length: 65 ft
Gross tonnage: 31
Engine: 160hp AWA. Later a Daimler Mercedes 175hp, increased in 1966 to 225hp


1958: Launched in Belgium at the A.Bocher shipyard for Vantorre Jozef. Registered at Zeebrugge (Z558)
1962: New Daimler Mercedes 175hp engine fitted.
1966: HP increased to 225.
1967: Sold to Meyers Leon.
7/01/1977: Sold to Meseure Werner.
15/9/1980 Sold to the UK;
Early 1980s: In ownership of the Clarkson family.
1982: In ownership of Francis Clarkson.

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M.T. Eureka Z558

M.T. Eureka Z558
Picture courtesy of Patrick Welvaert

M.T. Eureka BA558

M.T. Eureka BA558

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