M.T. Bon Accord – A493


Official Number: ??
Yard Number: 546
Completed: 1960
Gross Tonnage: 50
Net Tonnage: 50
Length: 22.22 m
Breadth: 5.97 m
Depth: 2.52 m
Engine: 4 stroke 4-cyl 264bhp oil engine by Lister Blackstone Marine Ltd, Dursley
Built: 1960 by The Fairmile Construction Co. Ltd, Berwick-upon-Tweed
Yard Number: B546
Owner: Bon Accord Fishing Co Ltd, Aberdeen


1.12.1960: Completed by Fairmile Shipyard (Berwick) Ltd, Berwick-on-Tweed (Yd.No.546) for Bon Accord Fishing Co Ltd, Aberdeen (George Robb, manager) as BON ACCORD. Registered at Aberdeen (A493).
1968: Owner J Marr & Son Ltd Fleetwood. On her first trip under J Marr & Son she grossed £1,184 from 172 kits of fish.
1973: Owners John N. Ward & Son Ltd, Fleetwood. Renamed RESILIENCE (A493).
1980: Owners Ronald C. Sutherland, Latheran Wheel & Donald Sutherland, Dunbeath. Registered at Wick (WK493).
1981: Owners Ronald C. & Donald Sutherland, Caithness. Renamed FRAM (WK493).
1984: Owners William MacDougal, Peterhead & Others. Registered at Peterhead (PD244).
1985: Owners Louis Forbes, Fraserburgh & Others. Renamed ACTIVE (PD244).
1986: Ceased fishing after a major engine failure in this year. She was the laid up in Dunvegan, Isle of Skye for 2 years where all re-useable equipment was removed. However the hull was found to be in a great condition and was sold to a French owner and converted to a yacht.

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M.T. Bon Accord A493

M.T. Bon Accord A493
Picture courtesy of The Frank Pook Collection

M.T. Bon Accord A493

M.T. Bon Accord A493
Picture courtesy of The Osta Collection

S.T. Bon Accord A493

S.T. Bon Accord A493
Picture courtesy of The John Worthington Collection

M.T. Resilience A493

M.T. Resilience A493
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