M.T. Spinningdale – A581


Official Number: ?
Yard Number: 310
Gross Tonnage: 50
Net Tonnage: 47
Length: 68 ft
Breadth: 20 ft
Depth: 10 ft
Engine: Engine number 380, Lister Blackstone EVS4MGR/2, 264bhp


1961: Built for Bruces Stores Ltd, Aberdeen. Named SPINNINGDALE A581
9 March 1961: Sea trials, average speed 10.2 knots.
1968: Renamed MIGDALE A581, Owner Unknown
1968: Renamed VERA GRACE A581, Owner J Marr & Son Ltd, Aberdeen.
1972: Renamed NORSEMANS BRIDE K243, Owner Dave Reid.
01.1975: Ran aground on the rocks half a mile west of the North Lighthouse of Fair Isle during a gale. All crew safe. Vessel was a total loss.

Known Alterations
330hp Lister Blackstone. Gutting Shelter.

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M.T. Spinningdale A581

M.T. Spinningdale A581
Picture courtesy of Peter Green

M.T. Spinningdale A581

M.T. Vera Grace A581

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