M.T. Winmarleigh – FD193


Official Number: 301884
Completed: 1959
Yard Number: 2536
Gross Tonnage: 310
Length: 115 ft
Breadth: 25′ 4″
Depth: 9′ 7″
Built: 1959, Portsmouth by Vosper Ltd
Owner: Fleetwood Near Water Trawlers Ltd


1959: Built at Portsmouth as the “pocket trawler” WINMARLEIGH.
03.01.1961: On voyage from Fleetwood (Sk. Charles Thomas Robinson). Cleared Lune Buoy at 1345 on a NW course at 10.5 knots. Mate James William Ball took over the watch.
After the change of watch the helmsman complained of feeling unwell but able to complete his watch, so the mate left the bridge to get some Beechams Powder for him.
At this time the vessel was said to be some 15 miles off Maughold Head but must have been only 5 miles off.
The inquiry heard that the helmsman stated that he was uneasy at the proximity of Maughold Head Light and called out twice to the mate, who didn’t return to the bridge prior to the stranding.
The helmsman was about to call out the skipper when the vessel grounded and the skipper responded immediately and put the wheel hard to starboard.
Fortunately the vessel came about without bringing up.
WINMARLEIGH returned to Fleetwood and was slipped but had sustained no serious damage.
Blame for thie incident was shared between the mate and the skipper with the mate’s certificate being suspended for 12 months.
1966: Renamed BOSTON HERCULES.
1968: Sold to H.K.F.Trawlers Ltd, Aberdeen.
1969: Transferred to Aberdeen as A160.
1975: Sold to the Colne Group (Claridge Trawlers) moved to Lowestoft and renamed ST VINCENT LT123.
1985: Sold to Henderson & Morez, Gravesend for demolition with de-commissioning grant paid.
19.10.1985: Sailed Lowestoft for Gravesend in tow of tug EUGENIO.
1986: Scrapped.

Note: Skipper died in cabin – Date Unknown
The Coroner (Mr. W. Blackhurst) decided that Skipper Charles Thomas Robinson’s death in his cabin aboard the 310 ton WINMARLEIGH on Saturday night was the result of natural causes and that an inquest was unnecessary.

Mr. Robinson collapsed and died while the vessel was waiting for the tide in Morecambe Bay to come into Fleetwood with 330 boxes of fish after a 14 day homewater fishing trip. The mate, Mr Owen Lewis, brought the WINMARLEIGH (Boston Deep Sea Fisheries Ltd) into port.

Skipper Robinson had been born in Hull but lived most of his life in Fleetwood. He had been ill for some time and it was his first trip in three months. The funeral is at Carleton Crematorium and will be conducted by Mr Duncan Brown, superintendent of the Fleetwood branch of the Royal National Mission to Deep Sea Fishermen.

Download the inquiry report into the GROUNDING

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M.T. Winmarleigh FD193

M.T. Winmarleigh FD193
Picture courtesy of Peter Hearn

M.T. Winmarleigh FD193

M.T. Winmarleigh FD193
Picture courtesy of Len Charnley

M.T. St. Vincent LT123

M.T. St. Vincent LT123
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