iv Peggy FD222

Additional information courtesy of David Slinger
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Part IV registered
Gross Tonnage: 13.61


27.10.1943: Registered at Fleetwood as PEGGY (FD222). Owner W. Leadbetter, Fleetwood.
12.1959: In fog, stranded near Fleetwood Pier about 40 yrs from the Promenade. Sk. John Holden and Mate Albert Mair tried to keep her afloat but were unsuccessful and picked up by Fleetwood lifeboat, ANN LETITIA RUSSELL (Cox. Albert Wright). Subsequently salvage undertaken and engine, mast, ballast and some fishing gear recovered. Boat not insured and a fund to help the owner set-up by business men Norman, Frank, Leonard and Lawrence Horsley.

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iv Peggy FD222

iv Peggy FD222
Picture courtesy of The David Wall Collection

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