mfv Ideal – FD336

Additional information courtesy of Steven Brown


Gross Tonnage: 16
Net Tonnage: 16
Length: 38 ft
Engine: 74hp 4L3 oil engine by Gardner Engines Ltd, Patricroft, Manchester
Built: Denmark 1948


1949: Completed in Denmark for owners not identified.
1952: Sold to W. Thomson, Whitehaven. Fished as an anchor seiner. Registered at Whitehaven as CUMBERLAND (WA14).
By 31.08.1960: Sold to A. Duthie, Fraserburgh & others. Whitehaven registry closed. Registered at Fraserburgh as SERENITY (FR243).
By 31.07.1964: Fraserburgh registry closed. Registered at Peterhead as HARVESTER (PD405).
By 31.07.1970: Sold to Martin D. Gardner, Anstruther. Peterhead registry closed. Registered at Kirkcaldy (KY386).
1970: Sold to Associated Fisheries (Scotland) Ltd, Edinburgh. Registered at Kirkcaldy as PLOUGH (KY386).
1974: Registered at Kirkcaldy as PLOUGH II (KY386). At Oban rigged as a scallop dredger but employed as a prawn trawler.
08.1976: Sold to Kenneth P. Brown, Cleveleys (“Mick” Brown). Kirkcaldy registry closed. Registered at Fleetwood as IDEAL (FD336). Fitted for white fish trawling.
1979: Re-engined with 6LX 110bhp by Gardner Engines Ltd, Patricroft, Manchester.
07.1981: Sold to Melvyn Pearce & John P. McDonnagh (“Ginger John”), Fleetwood.
1982: Sold to Melvyn Pearce, Fleetwood.
01.1983: Sailed Fleetwood for fishing grounds, dense fog and No.5 buoy extinguished. Missed channel and struck Wyre Light, sprung planks port side, filled rapidly and foundered. Crew picked up by NAIOM UINSIONN (BS85) (Sk.Barry Hampson) and landed at Fleetwood. Attempts made to raise but settled in scour of the light and filled with sand. Masts and top of gantry cut off and abandoned. Occasionally shows above sand.

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mfv Harvester PD405

mfv Harvester PD405
Picture from the Internet

mfv Ideal FD386

mfv Ideal FD386
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mfv Ideal FD336

mfv Ideal FD336
Picture courtesy of The David Slinger Collection

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