M.T. Eureka – BA558

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Additional information courtesy of Patrick Welvaert


Built: 1958
Length: 65 ft
Gross tonnage: 31
Engine: 160hp AWA. Later a Daimler Mercedes 175hp, increased in 1966 to 225hp


1958: Launched in Belgium at the A.Bocher shipyard for Vantorre Jozef. Registered at Zeebrugge (Z558)
1962: New Daimler Mercedes 175hp engine fitted.
1966: HP increased to 225.
1967: Sold to Meyers Leon.
7/01/1977: Sold to Meseure Werner.
15/9/1980 Sold to the UK;
Early 1980s: In ownership of the Clarkson family.
1982: In ownership of Francis Clarkson.

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M.T. Eureka Z558

M.T. Eureka Z558
Picture courtesy of Patrick Welvaert

M.T. Eureka BA558

M.T. Eureka BA558
Picture from the Internet

M.T. Eureka BA558

M.T. Eureka BA558
Picture courtesy of The John Worthington Collection

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