mfv Family Friend – B221

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Official Number: 387842
Completed: 1980
Gross Tonnage: 96
Net Tonnage: 56
Length: 22.86ft (loa) 16.51 m
Breadth: 5.71 m
Depth: 2.36 m
Built: Les Etables D’Olonne, France
Engine: 430bhp oil engine by Moteurs Baudouin, Cassis, France


1980: Completed at Les Etables D’Olonne, France for Hugh Thompson, Portavorgie, Co. Down as FAMILY FRIEND. Registered at Belfast (B902).
Pair trawling with KATHZELL (B221).
1984: Sold to Thomas Stevenson, Annalong, Co. Down and fishing out of Kilkeel.
1987: Sold to Alfie Blackburn, Fleetwood.
1987: Re-engined with 443bhp oil engine by Caterpillar Inc, Peoria, Ill.
1.12.1988: The Merchant Shipping (Registration of Fishing Vessels) Regulations 1988 – RSS No. C16688. Remeasured 20,87 (loa) 19,80 x 6,91 x 2,9 metres 89,58g.
1992: Sold to George Summers, Port Erin, IoM. Belfast registry closed. Registered at Castletown (CT123). Seasonally fishing scallops
from Aberdeen.
1999: Sold to Hugh Cully, Portavorgie, Co. Down. Castletown registry closed. Registered at Belfast as ADORATION (B902).
2003: Decommissioned.

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mfv Family Friend B221

mfv Family Friend B221

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