M.T. Hoop Op Zegen – HD26


RSS Number: B12975
Completed: 1977
Gross Tonnage: 259.31
Length: 37.10 m (121.72 ft)
Breadth: 7.54 m (24.74 ft)
Depth: 3.75 m (12,30 ft) metres (feet)
Oil Engine: Stork Werkspoor 1500bhp/1119kW by Stork Werkspoor Diesel BV, Zwolle


1974: Completed by Gebr W. Visser & Zoon, Den Helder for J. Bakker & Zonen, Den Helder as HOOP OP ZEGEN. Registered at Den Helder (HD26). When seasonal beaming in Irish Sea landing into Fleetwood usually for onward trucking to Belgium.
1983: Re-engined with Stork Werkspoor 1500bhp by Stork Werkspoor Diesel BV, Zwolle.
1985: Engine uprated to 2000bhp/1492kW.
1988: Sold to Rederij Jac. Bakker & Zonen, Den Helder.
1992: Sold to Ian James Ritchie, Fraserburgh. Den Helder registry closed. Registered at Fraserburgh as OCEAN DAWN (FR347).
1992: Remeasured 269grt 80n regd length 33.00 metres (108.27 feet).
1993: Converted to single boat trawling for whitefish.
1993: At Methil fitted with full length shelterdeck by J. W. Miller & Sons Ltd.
1994: Embarked on new venture trawling off the coast of Brazil.
1995: Fraserburgh registry closed. The venture was not a success and vessel eventually abandoned in South America.

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M.T. Hoop OP Zegen HD26

M.T. Hoop OP Zegen HD26
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