mfv Margaret and William – SH142

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Part IV Registered
Completed: 1932
Gross Tonnage: 13.01
Net Tonnage: 13.01
Length: 45.2 ft
Breadth: 13.7 ft
Depth: 4.7 ft
Built: Herd & Mackenzie Ltd, Findochty Banff-shire


1932: Launched by Herd & Mackenzie Ltd, Findochty Banff-shire (Yd.No?) for John Robertson & John Robertson, Findochty Banff-shire as “COURAGE” BCK 134.
09.1932: Completed.
21.09.1932: Registered at Buckie BCK 134.
1937: Owned by William Pashby, Scarborough (skipper/owner).
19.11.1927: Buckie registry closed.
20.11.1937: Registered at Scarborough SH 106.
10.05.1943: Owned by Christopher Watkinson (skipper), Richard Cammish, Robert Cammish & Mathew Cammish, Scarborough.
12.08.1945: Owned by William Pashby, Scarborough (skipper/owner).
1961: Owned by Sunderland owners.
10.01.1961: Scarborough registry closed.
1961: Registered at Sunderland.
12.1964: Owned by Colin Charles Jenkinson, Scarborough.
12.1964: Sunderland registry closed.
04.01.1965: Renamed “MARGARET & WILLIAM”.
04.01.1965: Registered at Scarborough SH 142.
14.02.1968: Owned by Robert Edward (skipper), Bampton Yorkshire and George Roy Colbeck, Bridlington.
11.1968: Owned by Fleetwood owners.
14.11.1968: Scarborough registry closed.
11.1968: Registered at Fleetwood.
10.1971: Owned by David Kent, Middlesbrough.
10.1971: Fleetwood registry closed.
08.10.1971: Registered at Hartlepool HL 40.
01.07.1976: Owned by John Roberts, Hartlepool.
01.07.1976: Renamed “LADY GRACE”.

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mfv Courage BCK134

mfv Courage BCK134

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