M.T. Tiemetje – M377

Information courtesy of Fokke Hoekstra Tzn


Length: 17.0 m
Breadth 5.05 m
Depth: 2.25 m
GRT: 46.8


Owned in Fleetwood by Mick Ryan.

1937: Built by Scheepswerf De Dageraad te Woubrugge. Registered at Urk UK118.
1937: In ownership of P. Hamers. Registered at Ijmuiden IJM23 as NELLY.
1955: In ownership of F. Hoekstra Ezn. Registered at Urk as WILLY UK118.
1961: Nieuwe motor Kromhout 120 pk
1962: Re-engined with a Caterpillar 150 pk
1969: In ownership of Gebr.Van de Berg. Registered at Urk as HENDRIKJE UK118.
1971: In ownership of Fa. Hakvoort. Registered at Urk as TIEMETJE UK118
1972: In ownership of C. Lont and registered at Wieringen WR118. Used for recreational sport fishing.
1975: Sold to the United Kingdom and registered at Milford M377.

I was 10 years old when my grandfather F Hoekstra Ezn, sold the UK118 in 1969, the (first!) radar installation was new, to van de Berg brothers. I stood between them on Lake Yssel for the last “Hoekstra” journey. In 1963 I helped my father painting on board on the West Warf. My father was the engineer and he was very proud in 1962 with my first englisch word. “What is the name of your fathers ship engine?” ‘Caterpillar’.

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M.T. Tiemetje M377

M.T. Tiemetje M377
Picture courtesy of The David Slinger Collection

mfv Tiemetje M377

mfv Tiemetje M377
Picture courtesy of The John Worthington Collection

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