M.T. Jan Erna – BA560

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Part IV Registered
Completed: 1964
Built: Van de Sande shipyard, Breskens


1964: Completed by Van de Sande shipyard, Breskens for Abraham Hendrick & Jacob Fenijn, Breskens as DOLFIJN. Registered at Breskens (BR5).
1967: Sold to Arend van Dam, Stellendam. Breskens registry closed. Registered at Stellendam as JAN ERNA (SL5).
1971: Sold to Alan Cregeen, Port St. Mary, Isle of Man. Stellendam registry closed. Registered at Castletown (CT32).
1971: Remeasured 28g 28n.
1973: Sold to D. W. Ellis, Brigg & W. G. Balls, Cleethorpes. Fishing from Bridlington.
1978: Sold to Frank P. Clarkson, Fleetwood.
1981: Sold to Robert I. Greenwood, Fleetwood. Castletown registry closed. Registered at Ballantrae (BA560). Often working out of Ayr.
1981: Re-engined with 290bhp oil engine by Caterpillar Inc, Peoria, Ill.
1.12.1988: The Merchant Shipping (Registration of Fishing Vessels) Regulations 1988 – RSS No. A10507.
1989: Sold to William Cope, Ardglass, Co. Down. Ballantrae registry closed. Registered at Belfast (B560). Scalloping and prawn trawling from Ardglass.
1989: Re-engined with 290bhp oil engine by Scania Group, Södertälje, Sweden.
2003: Decommissioned. Belfast registry closed.

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M.T. Jan Erna BA560

M.T. Jan Erna BA560
Picture courtesy of Frank Pook

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