mfv Yukon Fisher – FD243

Additional information courtesy of David slinger

Official Number: 303792
Gross Tonnage: 74
Net Tonnage: 46
LOA: 73 ft
Length: 70.5 ft
Breadth: 20.4 ft
Depth: 9.4 ft
Engine: 8 cyl 240bhp Kelvin Diesel Type Mod.T8 by The Bergius-Kelvin Co Ltd, Glasgow
Built: Herd and Mackenzie, Buckie, 1959


1958: Ordered by Vulmar Nielson from Herd & MacKenzie Ltd, Buckie.
1959: Launched and completed at Peterhead for Bantry Fishing Co Ltd, Cleethorpes & others as YUKON FISHER. Registered at Buckie (BCK107).
1959: Stranded in Dunnet Bay, Caithness. Buckie trawler ESTROLITA (BCK6) and seiner SEALGAIR (WK241) managed to get a line onboard, refloated and towed clear.
09.1961: Sheltering from westerly gales in the Pentland Firth (Sk W. Sutherland), driven ashore at Little Sands, Dwarwick Head. Crew abandoned and made the shore. When weather moderated successfully refloated and delivered Buckie for survey. Repairs to keel and bottom planking by Herd & MacKenzie Ltd.
By 1962: Owners became Bantry Fishing Co Ltd, Cleethorpes and Robert John Phimister, Findochty.
By 1962: Re-measured under Part IV of the Merchant Shipping Act 1894 – 59g 59n
06.1964: Buckie registry closed. Registered at Fleetwood (FD243).
By 1966: Registered at Fleetwood as MATANUSKA (FD243).
3.11.1966: At Fleetwood landed 169 boxes from a Home Waters trip.
1971: Fleetwood registry closed. Registered at Grimsby (GY243).
19.06.1972: Industrial fishing in North Sea. Struck submerged object and taking in water, crew abandoned and vessel foundered within ten minutes with catch of 80 tons of sandeels onboard. Picked up by Danish industrial trawler HANS SME (143grt/1968) and landed safely at Grimsby.
1972: Fleetwood registry closed.

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mfv Yukon Fisher FD243

mfv Yukon Fisher FD243
Picture courtesy of Robert Durrant

mfv Yukon Fisher BCK107

mfv Yukon Fisher FD243

mfv Yukon Fisher FD243

mfv Yukon Fisher FD243

mfv Matanuska FD243

mfv Matanuska FD243
Picture courtesy of Stephen Myerscough

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