mfv Glen Carradale – CN90

Additional information courtesy of Mike Craine


Part IV Registered
RSS Number: A11100
Gross Tonnage: 15
Length: 40′ (12.16 m)
Breadth: 15′ (4.57 m)
Depth: 6′ 2″(1.89 m) feet
Oil Engine: 180BHP 4 stroke 6-cyl by Gardner Engines Ltd, Patricroft, Manchester


1958: Completed by T. Summers & Co Ltd, Fraserburgh for Andrew Buchan, Peterhead & others as WATCHFUL. Registered at Peterhead (PD269).
By 1970: Owned by John M. Milligan & Andrew Ritchie, Mallaig.
By 1972: Peterhead registry closed. Registered at Oban (OB39).
1976: Sold to Peter J. Campbell, Carradale, Argyl. Oban registry closed. Registered at Campbeltown (CN90).
1978: Registered at Campbeltown as GLEN CARRADALE (CN90).
By 1980: Owned by Jack W. Milne, Aberdeen.
By 1986: Owned by Robert Farquhar, Aberdeen.
By 1988: Owned by J. N. Tait, Aberdeen.
By 1994: Owned by Raymond Geery, Seaham.
Late 1990s: At Whitehaven.
1999: Sold to Fred Ridings, Fleetwood.
By 2000: Owned by David Chilvers, Fleetwood & others (S. Whelan & P. Whiteside).
2000s: Laid up at Fleetwood.
By 2004: Campbeltown registry closed.
Late 2000s: Sold for conversion to a houseboat. In poor condition.
2008: Sunk in Fleetwood.

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M.T. Glen Carradale CN90

M.T. Glen Carradale CN90
Picture courtesy of Tony Frith

M.T. Glen Carradale CN90

M.T. Glen Carradale CN90
Picture by Alan Duggan

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