M.T. Spinningdale – A581

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Official Number: Part IV registered
Yard Number: 310
Gross Tonnage: 47.10
Net Tonnage: 47.10
LOA: 72.75 ft (22.10m)
Length: 67.95ft (20.71m)
Breadth: 19.5ft (5.94) ft
Depth: 7.0ft (2.41m)
Engine: Engine number 380, Lister Blackstone EVS4MGR/2, 264bhp


03.03.1961: Launched by Montrose Structures & Marine Ltd (John Lewis & Sons Ltd), Montrose (Yd.No.310) with White Fish Authority Grant & Loan Scheme for Bruce’s Stores (Aberdeen) Ltd (16/64), Aberdeen as SPINNINGDALE.
09.03.1961: Registered at Aberdeen (A581). Sea Trials. Completed.
14.03.1961: First landing at Aberdeen (Sk. John Forbes).
07.06.1961: Vessel mortgaged (16.64) to White Fish Authority, London to secure the sum of £21,828 with interest at 61/2% (A). Wk commencing 04.01.1963: At Aberdeen landed three trips (Sk. John Forbes), 419cwt £976 gross.
08.10.1965: Sold to Spinningdale Fishing Co Ltd (16/64), Aberdeen.
25.10.1965: Vessel mortgaged (16/64) to White Fish Authority, London to secure the sum of £16,916 with interest at 63/4% (B).
08.11.1965: Mortgage (A) discharged.
13.03.1968: Registered at Aberdeen as MIGDALE (A581) (BoT minute RSS 8/2/0296/56 dated 25.08.1967).
27.05.1968: Sold to J. Marr & Son Ltd (16/64), Fleetwood.
1968: Renamed VERA GRACE (A581).
13.06.1968: First landing at Fleetwood (Sk. J. V. Grace), 84 kits.
25.07.1968: Vessel mortgaged (16/64) to White Fish Authority, London to secure sum on account with interest (C).
18.08.1968: Registered at Aberdeen as VERA GRACE (A581) (BoT minute RSS 8/2/0247/78 dated 28.08.1968).
07.06.1971: Last landing at Fleetwood (Sk. M. W. Oldman), 111 kits.
29.10.1971: Sold to David Reid (16/64), Kirkwall, Orkney.
06.11.1971: Stranded on Stronsay, Orkney. Kirkwall seine net boat OCEAN’S GIFT (K916) connected and successfully refloated.
29.11.1971: Aberdeen registry closed.
1972: Gutting shelter added.
1972: Re-engined with 330bhp/246kW 4-cyl oil engine Type ERS4M by Lister Blackstone Marine Ltd, Dursley.
07.02.1972: Registered at Kirkwall as NORSEMAN’S BRIDE (K243) (Secretary of Trade & Industry minute RSS 8/2/0300/94 dated 02.12.1971).
1972: Mortgages (B) and (C) taken over by David Reid.
22.05.1972: Vessel mortgaged (16/64) to White Fish Authority, London to secure the sum of £9,822.60 with interest at 63/4% (D).
27.06.1972: Mortgage (C) discharged.
17.07.1972: Mortgage (B) discharged.
13.10.1972: At Lerwick Sheriff Court, Sk. David Reid was fined £50 for fishing 1.2 miles off Fair Isle in June.
20.01.1975: In gale force winds and heavy weather, stranded 0.5 mile W of North Light, Fair Isle. Three crew rescued by inflatable from offshore rescue and standby vessel SUMMERLEE (A577). Sk. David Reid and two others rescued by Fair Isle ferry GOOD SHEPHERD III.
21.01.1975: Vessel abandoned.
19.05.1975: Kirkwall registry closed “Vessel lost off Fair Isle 20 January 1975”, except for Mortgage (D).
11.07.1975: Mortgage (D) discharged.
08.09.1975: Kirkwall registry finally closed on discharge of mortgage (D).
1977: Wreck lies in 7m between a rock and cliff face, E of point of stranding.

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M.T. Spinningdale A581

M.T. Spinningdale A581
Picture courtesy of Peter Green

M.T. Spinningdale A581

M.T. Vera Grace A581

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