mfv Essex Girl – FD77


Official Number: 185627
RSS Number: B10316
Gross Tonnage: 23
Net Tonnage: 10
Length: 48′ 3″ (14,27)
LOA: 42′ 9″(13,02)
Breadth: 15′ 3″ (4,65)
Depth: 6′ 8″ (2,02) feet (metres)
Engine: 114bhp 4 stroke 6-cyl oil Engine by Gardner Engines Ltd, Patricroft, Manchester
Built: ??, Oulton Broad


1954: Completed by George Overy, Oulton Broad for Essex owners as ESSEX GIRL. Registered at Colchester (CK54). Engaged in shrimp trawling and inshore shell fishing.
By 1969: Sold to George H. Cowley, Douglas, IoM. Colchester registry closed. Registered at Peel (PL8).
02.1970: Foundered alongside in Douglas Harbour following explosion. Salved and repaired.
1972: Sold to Fred Buckley, Ramsbottom. Fishing out of Fleetwood.
06.1976: Towed into Fleetwood disabled with engine trouble. Sank at berth, pumped out by Fleetwood Fire Brigade.
19??: Sold to Ronald W. Martland, Wallasey. Peel registry closed.
31.12.1988: Registered at Fleetwood (FD77). Fishing out of Fleetwood.
24.02.2002: Fleetwood registry closed. Broken up.

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mfv Essex Girl PL8

mfv Essex Girl PL8
Picture courtesy of Frank Pook

mfv Essex Girl FD77

mfv Essex Girl FD77
Picture courtesy of Tony Frith

mfv Essex Girl FD77

mfv Essex Girl FD77

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