mfv Svanskär – FD54


Gross Registered Tonnage: 35
Net Tonnage: 35
Engine: 1 cyl 120 HP June Munktell


1938: built by Petter Petterssons Shipyard on the island of Hälsö of pine and oak.
Delivered to Job Zachrisson, Hilmer Zachrisson , Karl-Albert Karlsson and Yngve Karlsson on the island of Hälsö. Named SVEALAND, GG675.
1949: Sold to Yngve Olausson, Armand Olausson and Alrik Olausson on the island Rörö. New name EJDERN III, GG852.
1954: New engine 2 cyl Skandia 150 hp.
1960: Sold to Stig Bengtsson and Alf Torge in Fisketången as Ejdern III, LL 638.
1964: Sold to Stig Karlsson, Klas Pettersson and Per-Göran Karlsson in Kungshamn and changed name to SVANSKÄR, LL638.
1969: Sold to Fleetwood.
1971: Owner was David Blinkhorn, Fleetwood
1974: Sold.
2013: In service with an adventure holiday group.

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MFV Svanskär FD54

MFV Svanskär FD54

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