mfv Reynard – FD132


Official Number: 300526
RSS Number: A16714
Gross Tonnage: 20
Net Tonnage: 9
Length: 42′ 2″(12,84)
Breadth: 15′ 11″(4,85)
Depth: 6′ 4″(1,93) feet (metres)
Oil Engine: 76bhp
Re-engined with 143bhp Volvo Penta


1958: Completed by James Noble (Fraserburgh) Ltd, Fraserburgh for T. H. Kershaw & A. Randles, Conway as REYNARD. Registered at Beaumaris (BS13).
1970: Sold to James Hesketh, Fleetwood. Beaumaris registry closed. Registered at Fleetwood (FD132).
1976: Sold to George P. Raven, Carlisle.
By 1981: Owned by Peter J. Marr, Dunbar.
By 1986: Owned by Andrew Downey, Rodbourne, Swindon.
By 1989: Owned by P.Reid & G. Reid, North Berwick.
By 1994: Owned by John McKerral, Campbeltown, Argyll.
1995: Sold to John A. Ramsey, Carradale, Argyll. Fleetwood registry closed. Registered at Campbeltown as GOLDEN SHEAF (CN367).
1996: Ceased fishing. Campbeltown registry closed.

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mfv Reynard FD132

mfv Reynard FD132
Picture courtesy of Phillip Dell

mfv Reynard FD132

mfv Reynard FD132

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