M.T. Luneda (2) – FD175

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Official number: 185293
Yard Number: 1376
Completed: 1953
Gross Tonnage: 315.92
Net Tonnage: 109.35
Length: 127.75 ft
Breadth: 26.65 ft
Depth: 12.30 ft
Built: Cochrane & Sons Ltd, Selby
Engine: 772bhp 7-cyl oil engine by Mirlees Bickerton & Day Ltd, Stockport
Speed: 11 knots


Cost to build £84,275.
13.02.1952: Launched by Cochrane & Sons Ltd, Selby (Yd.No.1376) for J. Marr & Son Ltd, Fleetwood as LUNEDA.
01.07.1953: Builder’s Certificate issued.
02.07.1953: Registered at Fleetwood (FD175).
12.1964: Sold to Peter & J. Johnston, Aberdeen. Charles Middleton designated manager.
20.12.1965: Sk. James Murray appointed.
30.12.1964: Fleetwood registry closed.
31.12.1964: Registered at Aberdeen (A754).
10.01.1968: Sold to Bon Accord Fish Selling Co Ltd, Aberdeen.
01.02.1968: Sailed Aberdeen for Iceland (Sk. Walter Oxer).
05.02.1968: Should have made radio contact with owners, no message received. Later motor trawler ARMANA (FD207) contacted the owners to say that they had spoken with LUNEDA and all was well.
07.02.1968: Arrived Dýrafjörður, Iceland for medical assistance to 3rd Eng. William Gordon who had sustained back injuries. Confirmed that all was well and that radio aerial had been swept away during a storm. Replaced and continued trip.
02.05.1968: Reported landing from Home Waters – 11 days 810 cwts £2,486 gross.
1968: Peter & J Johnstone Ltd acquired by J. Marr & Son Ltd, Fleetwood.
06.04.1969: On Faroe grounds (Sk. James Norval); thirteen crew. Arrested by Danish fishery-inspection vessel VAEDDEREN for alleged fishing inside territorial waters. Danish Naval Authorities accepted skipper’s defence that radar and echo sounder were at fault as he was only just inside the 12-mile limit.
20.01.1970: While disembarking from the trawler which was pulling away from Point Law, 2nd Eng. William Buchan (58) fell into Albert Basin. He managed to pull himself on to the quayside without assistance. Taken to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary and allowed home after treatment.
07.07.1970: Laid up at Aberdeen. To be stripped prior to sale for breaking.
08.1970: Sold to P. W, McLellan Ltd, Glasgow for breaking up in an en bloc deal with motor trawler GAVINA (A754).
08.1970: Sailed Aberdeen for Bo’ness.
26.08.1970: Bill of sale registered.
09.1970: Commenced breaking up at Bo’ness.
29.10.1970: Aberdeen registry closed “Vessel broken up. Advice received from Owner and Shipbreaker”.

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Miss DorothyRobinson
Launching Luneda.

Miss DorothyRobinson
Launching Luneda.
Picture courtesy of Zara Robinson

Silver salver from the launch

Silver salver from the launch
Picture courtesy of Zara Robinson

M. T. Luneda FD175

M. T. Luneda FD175
picture from the Internet

M. T. Luneda FD175

M. T. Luneda FD175
Picture courtesy of The Peter Hearn Collection

M.T. Luneda A754

M.T. Luneda A754
Picture courtesy of The David Buckley Collection

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