M.T. Boston Islander – FD263


Official Number: 362625
Launched: 1966
Completed: 1967
Gross Tonnage: 102.14
Length: 26.15 m (85.79 ft)
Breadth: 6.12 m (20.08 ft)
Depth: 2.75 m (9.02 ft)
Oil engine: 6-cyl 530bhp Kromhout by De Kromhout Motoren Fabriek, Amsterdam


Note: First beam trawler owned by BDSF

1966: Launched.
1967: Completed by Gebr W. Visser & Zoon, Den Helder for J. Bakker & Zonen, Den Helder as HOOP OP ZEGEN. Registered at Den Helder (HD26).
1973: Sold to Boston Deep Sea Fisheries Ltd, Fleetwood. Den Helder Registry closed. Registered at Fleetwood as BOSTON ISLANDER(FD263).
1973: Remeasured 99grt.
12.1975: Transferred to fish out of Lowestoft.
1976: Sold to Anthony R. Paul & Kevin E. Gibbs, Lowestoft. Fleetwood registry closed. Registered at Lowestoft as P.G. ISLANDER (LT377). 1977: Sold to Warbler Fishing Co Ltd, Lowestoft. Rigged for side/stern trawling. Registered at Lowestoft as DAWN WATERS (LT377).
1979: Sold to A M Seafoods Ltd, Fleetwood and G. Burns, Kircudbright. Rigged for beam scalloping. Lowestoft registry closed. Registered at Ayr (AR72).
1981: Sold to A M Seafoods Ltd, Fleetwood. Ayr registry closed. Registered at Jersey as (J472). Fishing out of Newlyn.
20.3.1986: Sailed Fleetwood for Douglas, IoM (Sk. Louis Ozard); five crew all told. Weather worsened with NW gale gusting Force 11. At 0918, the bows of the submerged Dawn Waters was sighted by the diving/submersible support vessel BRITISH ENTERPRISE FIVE (981grt/1971) (Capt Hector Thomson). No distress signal had been made. Closing the part submerged vessel, saw a crewman, later identified as Gordon Anthony Coram, in the water. Unable to get close to the man because of the prevailing weather conditions, over about fifteen minutes, four attempts were made to pass a rope, but when finally he got hold of the rope he was too weak to hold on and was seen to slump over and drown. Four merchant vessels, two helicopters and two lifeboats searched the area but Coram’s body was the only one recovered and was landed at Douglas by the Douglas lifeboat.
1986: Jersey registry closed.

Crew lost – Skipper Louis Ozard, Newlyn; Gordon Anthony Coram, Penzance; Chris Dodd, Mousehole; Jason Ward, Plymouth and David Young, Paignton.

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M.T. Boston Islander FD263

M.T. Boston Islander FD263
Picture courtesy of John Stevenson

M.T. PG Islander FD263

M.T. PG Islander FD263
Picture courtesy of David Slinger


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