M.T. Princess Royal – FD 176


Official Number: 185287
Yard Number: 229
Completed: 1952
Gross tonnage: 318
Length: 124.7 ft
Breadth: 25.2 ft
Depth: 12 ft
Built: John Lewis and Sons, Aberdeen
Engine Number 301 (D) built by Mirlees, Bickerton & Day, Stockport.


1952: Completed by John Lewis and Sons, Aberdeen (Yd. No.229) for Great Western Fishing Co Ltd, Fleetwood. Registered at Fleetwood (FD176).
12/01/1952: Ran trials in Aberdeen Bay.
1953: Represented Fleetwood at the Coronation Spithead review, along with RED HACKLE.
1958: Owned by Eton F Co. Ltd, Fleetwood. Fishing number FD176
1959: Owned by Acadia Fisheries Ltd, St Johns Newfoundland and renamed ACADIA HERON.
Owned later by St Andrews S F Co. Ltd, Lowestoft LT713.
1967: Owned by Boston D S F Co Ltd, Lowestoft and renamed BOSTON LANCASTER.
1970: Owned by Offshore Diving & Finance Inc, Panama and renamed CORSAIR.
1973: Same owners but renamed SUBSEA CORSAIR.
1974: Lengthened by 9m.
1975/76: Still classed as fishing side trawler.
1977/78: Owners Subsea Oil Services, S.P.A., Rome, Italy as motor supply ship.
1988/89: Owners Micoperi, S.P.A., Pescara, Italy, as motor diving support ship.

Note: SUBSEA CORSAIR is still owned by Micoperi, S.P.A., Pescara, Italy and is listed on Clarks Shipping Intelligence website as being available for charter for diving off the Italian Coast as of August 2013.

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M.T. Princess Royal FD176

M.T. Princess Royal FD176
Picture courtesy of The Fred Baker Collection

M.T. Acadia Heron

M.T. Acadia Heron
Picture courtesy of The JJ Collection

M.T. Acadia Heron

M.T. Acadia Heron
Picture from the Brian Dodd Collection

M.T. Boston Lancaster LT713

M.T. Boston Lancaster LT713
Picture from the Internet

M.V. Subsea Corsair

M.V. Subsea Corsair
Iicture from the Internet

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