mfv Northards – FD71


Gross Tonnage: 34
Net Tonnage: 14
Length: 52.0 ft
Breadth: 15.5 ft
Depth: 7.1 ft
Oil Engine: 110bhp 4 stroke 6-cyl Type 6LX by Gardner Engines Ltd, Patricroft, Manchester


1956: Completed by Thomsons, Buckie for John N. Ward & Son Ltd, Fleetwood (Sam Knight, manager) as NORTHARDS. Registered at Fleetwood (FD71).
1.1961: Sk. R. S. Carlsson awarded MBE for service in salvage operations for recovery of aircraft lost at sea.
By 1964: Sold to Delga Fishing Co Ltd, Grimsby.
By 1970: Sold to Charles B. Bird & Brian C. Bird, Fleetwood.
1976: Registered Part IV 23g 23n RSSNo.A1224.
1974: Sold to John Cowell, Thornton & David C. Rainford, Fleetwood.
1976: Sold to John Cowell & David Cavanagh, Fleetwood. Registered at Fleetwood under Part IV (FD371).
By 1979: Sold to John Cowell & David C. Rainford, Fleetwood.
1984: Fleetwood registry closed. Registered at Leith (LH20).
By1993: Sold to John Arkle, Newbiggin, Northumberland.
2003: Sold to Scottish owners and laid at Montrose.
200?: Sank under tow on passage to Bridlington.

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mfv Northards FD71

mfv Northards FD71
Picture courtesy of Fred Baker

mfv Northards LH20

mfv Northards LH20
Picture courtesy of George Westwood

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