M.T. Mount Melleray – A554


Official Number: 303205
Yard Number: 313
Completed: 1961
Gross Tonnage: 216
Length: 32.31 m
Breadth: 7.12 m
Depth: 3.66 m
Engine: Number 383. Oil engine 2SA 5cy 12½ x 18½ British Polar, Glasgow
Speed on trial trip 10.26 knots


1961: Built by John Lewis for Stroud Fishing Co as MOUNT MELLERAY. to fish the North Sea Shetland Waters of 7 day duration trips. Registered at Aberdeen.
1974: Engine was replaced by a Blackstone Oil 4SA 8cy 222×292 Reverse Gear to single shaft & Mirrlees Blackstone Gen 1x40KW, 1x20KW, 1x15KW 220V D.C.
1974/5: Stroud Fishing Co. incorporated into BUT. Fishing from Fleetwood (Wyre Trawlers Ltd managers).
1981: Converted to oil standby duties.
Undated: Acquired by North Star Co. and renamed GRAMPIAN FORTUNE.
1986: Converted back to fishing for Spanish owners as GRAMPIAN FORTUNE.
1992: Renamed AYR QUEEN for Merson Ltd with A554 fishing number. (According to Lloyd’s 2005/06 Register the Spanish owners are Penfro Peche Ltd, Agents Merson Ltd, Ayr, Fishing Number AY94).

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M.T. Mount Melleray A554

M.T. Mount Melleray A554
Picture courtesy of The Ted Hammill Collection

M.T. Ayr Queen A554

M.T. Ayr Queen AR94
Picture courtesy of Emiel Rycx

M.T. Ayr Queen A554

M.T. Ayr Queen AR94
Picture by José Ricardo Rodriguez Montero

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